Carpenters Workers Compensation Protects Your Business

carpentry workers compensation

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, carpenters have one of the highest rates and injuries of all occupations. The good news is that most of these accidents are not fatal, but they can be […]

How to Optimize SEO for Insurance Companies

SEO for insurance

Search engine optimization is vital for bringing in clients. Nearly 60 percent of people search Google at least once per month to find reputable companies. If yours isn’t showing up within the first few links, […]

Get Back to work With Artisan Contractors Workers Compensation

artisan contractors workers compensation

Carpenters, plumbers, masons and other contractors face the risk of getting injured on the job every day. Most artisan contractors have a general liability policy to cover damages to the clients home, but when it […]

The Benefits of Professional Liability Insurance

Architects and engineers professional liability insurance

Architects and engineers professional liability insurance offers you protection against claims made by clients about how you performed your job duties. This includes situations where a client may feel like you did not do the […]

A Quick Guide to High Net Worth Insurance

Delaware high net worth insurance

Delaware high net worth insurance is meant to protect individuals in a certain financial category, but how do you know if you fit into that category? This quick guide will help you determine whether you […]

Contract Language and Boat Insurance in California

boat insurance in California.

Owning a boat requires you to understand your coverage, including any exceptions that would leave you without coverage under certain circumstances. Many people believe their personal watercraft is covered by their homeowner policy. Consider the […]

Whats Covered by Product Liability Insurance

California product liability insurance

California product liability insurance protects your company should a product you produce cause injuries or if it is defective in some way. This type of insurance is essential if you manufacture any product. Regardless of […]