Protecting Your Net Worth with a Boat Policy

California yacht insurance

If you own your own personal watercraft, even though California does not require you to carry boat insurance, your banking institution will require coverage if you’ve taken out a loan in order to purchase the […]

Differentiating Between First-Party and Third-Party Cyber Risk Insurance

Carmel cyber risk insurance

Cyber risks to businesses of all sizes and industries continue to grow and evolve globally. It is a goal of the insurance industry to keep pace with developing and providing insurance products to reduce cyber-attack […]

What Real Estate Wholesalers Need to Know About Liability Insurance

Wholesale real estate liability insurance

As a real estate wholesaler, you have a different set of responsibilities than a traditional real estate firm owner. You may spend massive amounts of time marketing for real estate deals, determining if the property […]

Protect Your Company From the Unpredictable

management liability policy

The need for insurance plays a vital role in business. Your company is no exception because people are unpredictable. Since you can’t be everywhere to make sure that your senior staff is representing your company […]

Exposures Faced by Neighborhood Store Owners

Convenience stores insurance

Convenience stores have been around for decades, offering neighborhoods and those passing through a quick and easy opportunity to pick up some needed items without the ordeal of long lines at supermarkets. These “corner stores” […]

Professional Liability Coverage for Engineers

e&o insurance for engineers

As an engineer, you know that during the course of any given project that you can’t plan for every single contingency. Projects wind up getting delayed, problems may arise, and in some instances you will […]