3 Reasons Your Flood Risk Might Be Higher Than You Think

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Most people are familiar with the flooding large storms can bring. In places such as New Jersey where many people live close to the ocean, this risk is compounded by the potential for an accompanying storm surge. What many people don’t realize, however, is that other factors can have just as significant an impact on an area’s flood risk. Here are three commonly overlooked risk factors that may affect your decisions about flood insurance in NJ.

1. Dams

Dams are very useful for many reasons, but the benefits come with an increased flood risk for the areas surrounding them. Storms can cause rapid breaches, and attempts to decrease water levels by releasing excess water can result in flooding downstream.

2. Construction and Development

Even if your property was in a low-risk flood zone when you purchased it, things can change over time. New development often alters natural drainage patterns by reducing the surface area that is able to absorb water during heavy rains, thus increasing the risk of flooding.

3. Winter Flooding

Rapidly melting snow often results in more runoff than rivers and lakes can handle. Also, ice chunks that break off in rivers can cause backups that result in flooding.

No matter where you are, you should be aware of the flood risk in your area. Talk to a qualified insurance agency about your options for flood insurance in NJ.

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