3 Types of Construction Insurance

Clifton construction insurance

You may have just started a construction business or have had it up and running for a while and want to know your options regarding insurance for your company. There are many factors involved in the operation of your business, and as a result, there are many types of Clifton construction insurance available.

These include:

  • Liability
  • Damage
  • Package or Umbrella

Liability Insurance

Liability is a broad category with many varieties. It protects your business against errors it makes or is perceived to have made. If your employees are injured on the job or if something built by your company causes injury, you could be facing a lawsuit. Fortunately, there are many types of Clifton construction insurance policies that cover liability.


Not only can there be injuries to others in the process of building or after the work has been completed, but your tools and other items may be damaged or stolen while the work is being done. Construction sites are a magnet for thieves, and adverse weather conditions can wreck your tools. You can be insured against damage and theft and receive replacements.

Package or Umbrella Insurance

It may be easier to look for a commercial package policy than to purchase individual policies. Talk to a company that deals with Clifton construction insurance about packages that can keep your business covered

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