3 Ways to Keep Truck Drivers Safe


Truck drivers are a vital part of the US economy. They help transport essential products to sustain human life, such as food, livestock, and gas. This is why it’s necessary to keep drivers and their loads secure during transport. When truckers follow these three guidelines, they can safeguard themselves against fatigue and exhaustion.

1. Follow Department of Transportation (DOT) Regulations

To protect drivers from fatigue, DOT breaks working hours into two groups. These groups are called work periods and duty periods. Work periods are similar to a standard workweek, and duty periods function like a workday. DOT regulations state that drivers must have ten hours off in between workweek shifts and work no more than 60 hours per pay period.

2. Follow Proper Duty Period Recommendations

Drivers should maintain proper driving hours. So, how many hours can a truck driver drive? A duty period is 14 hours and is known as the 14-hour rule in the industry. According to https://www.truckinsure.com, anyone operating a commercial truck should only work 11 hours during a duty period. They must also take 30-minute breaks in between eight-hour driving shifts.

3. Take Advantage of Downtime

Since DOT regulations require 30 hours in between shifts, drivers should use that time to rest and spend time with family and loved ones. Taking time to be still can contribute to your overall health and well-being. Meditation is one way drivers can prevent becoming overworked and tired.

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