Artisan Contractors and Insurance

Contractors and Insurance

Anyone who has their own business needs some kind of insurance coverage, but your policies can differ substantially depending on your career path. Some businesses require in-depth, all-encompassing insurance, while others only need a small handful to be protected. Artisan contractors are no different. Here’s everything you need to know about contractors and their insurance options.

What Is an Artisan Contractor?

The name can be deceiving, as many artisan contractors don’t deal with what you might think of as “art.” These contractors frequently work in a skilled trade. Examples include plumbers, exterminators, interior designers, roofers, and carpenters.

What Insurance Policies Do Contractors Need?

The main artisan insurance is liability insurance. Liability policies mainly prevent a contractor from being sued if someone gets injured on their property or by one of their services. The policy pays for injury and damage costs that may be sustained. Basically, this insurance protects contractors from being liable for negligence or accidents.

What Other Insurances Can Contractors Get?

No one is ever limited to liability insurance. Depending on your trade, investing in other policies can benefit you too. Consider property, workers comp, and business vehicle insurance to protect all your assets and rights.

If you aren’t sure what kind of insurance best suits your business, contact an attorney for advice. They can inform you of state laws and practices that can protect your trade.

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