Benefits to Look for in a Workers Comp Policy

workers compensation insurance in Texas

When most employers think about workers compensation insurance in Texas, they assume it will cover all expenses related to a workers’ medical expenses. Anyone can get hurt in a workplace, and it is vital for business owners to protect both their workers and their finances.

Coverages to Get in a Policy

Medical coverage is often associated with workers comp policies, which includes fees related to physical therapy, prescription medication and doctor visits. However, an effective policy should also include coverage to help employees who have suffered a disability while on the job. Part of this can involve vocational rehabilitation, which is when the company pays to have an employee trained in a new professional when he or she is unable to perform the tasks related to the old job.

Coverage With Death Benefits

Finally, a policy should include death benefits. Unfortunately, people die due to workplace accidents every year, and the company should provide the spouse and children of the deceased with compensation to assist them during this difficult time. Although workers compensation insurance in Texas is not mandatory, all business owners should still have insurance in place to protect their employees. It is highly preferable to have insurance and never need it rather than need it desperately and lack it.

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