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employment practices liability

No matter what size your staffing business, you need employment practices liability insurance to cover you against claims of wrongful termination, harassment and other employee petitions. If you own a smaller staffing agency or are just starting out, you may not have the resources to hire legal counsel, or even a human resources staffer, to guide you in employment practices that can help you avoid a lawsuit, and protect you in case you do face one.

Best Practices for All Businesses

There are several steps you can take to lessen employment practices liability. Here are a few:

  • Employee manual: Compile an employee handbook that explains in detail company policies for attendance, complaints and other work situations.
  • Job description: Whether you specialize in staffing for one field or several, you should write one for every position, outlining standards for skill levels and performance.
  • Reviews: Give regular performance reviews and include them in employee files.
  • Background checks: Run a background check on all job candidates.
  • Employment statements: Include a statement on applications and in your handbook that employment is at-will, and that your company is an equal-opportunity employer.

Get the Right Level of Coverage

Along with these important steps, make a point to meet with your insurance agent and discuss the level of employment practices liability insurance your business needs. Your agent is also a good resource for additional procedures and routines to include in your business practices.

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