Boost Sales with Mobile Website Design

insurance company marketing

With Google favoring mobile-friendly websites in its 2015 and 2016 algorithm updates, creating a positive mobile experience on your agency website is not just a good idea – it is necessary for success. The vast majority of consumers are logging more time on their smartphones than their desktops these days and using these devices to conduct search queries.

Well executed insurance company marketing plans incorporate features optimized for mobile such as faster load time into company website design.

Lighting Fast Loading

We live in a world where busy consumers have enough options to find what they seek quickly, and this includes online searches. People are much less likely to wait around for a website to load when there are 10 faster websites offering the same products, services or information. Consequently, slow loading time often leads to page abandonment.

When it comes to mobile design, one of the top priorities for insurance company marketing teams is to rev up page response time to meet user demands.

The Right Size

Size is critical to making a website mobile-friendly. Page, button and font size all determine the user experience. For example, if a call-to-action button is too small, users may miss it, which could affect conversion rates and drive consumers away. Typically, buttons should be at least 44px by 44px and font should be at least 14px.

Including mobile design as one of your insurance company marketing strategies is well worth it, as it will likely increase sales and motivate consumers to return.

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