captive insurance definition

Career Guidance for New Agents

As a new insurance agent, you will likely have some considerations to make when it comes to the direction you’d like to take in your budding career.

After training and licensing requirements are met, you will have to canvass the job market to see which options fit your needs the best. Taking the time beforehand to understanding your options can help you to make the necessary preparations for a successful career as an insurance agent.

Understanding specifics such as what to expect as an independent agent or the captive insurance definition can help narrow down your job prospects for a more productive job search.

Important Decisions

Before even moving onto specifics, it can be very helpful to decide first if you prefer to work as an independent agent, as a captive agent or some other type of variation. As a new agent some questions on which to reflect that can help you make that decision include:

  • What types of insurance am I the most comfortable selling?
  • What kind of support system will I likely need as a new agent?
  • Do I prefer to sell several options, or become a specialist in a limited number of products?

Whether you decide to be an agent that is independent or captive, definition of terms and understanding benefits of each type of scenario can help guide you in the right direction.

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