Vision Benefits: Features and Advantages

vision benefits

When you’re putting together a benefits package for your employees, you need to consider including vision benefits. This valuable coverage option will help your workforce to stay healthy and focused. Vision Benefits Features Vision programs offer a variety of different… Continue Reading

Property Insurance for a Cannabis Dispensary

Retail Operations

Commercial property insurance is an important part of managing risk for a cannabis dispensary or retail store. More and more insurance companies are providing coverage for dispensaries and other cannabis operations. These policies can grant coverage specific to the needs… Continue Reading

Hiring an Agency to Gain New Insurance Clients

Social media marketing

A business can only grow if it has new customers. Advertising to potential new clients is an integral part of insurance sales and service. For independent agents and groups, however, advertising using technology may seem daunting due to its ever-evolving… Continue Reading

Protect Yourself From Nursing Malpractice Claims

Malpractice Insurance

As a nurse, you are prone to patients or families of patients filing claims against you. Due to this, you have to be able to protect yourself against high legal fees or even settlements. This is why it’s crucial for… Continue Reading

3 Ways to Protect Company Directors from Lawsuits

Owens Group

Properly insuring a business takes careful consideration. The process can be complicated, but understanding the options helps. In this litigious society, officers and directors need protection against lawsuits and issues arising from presumptive indemnification clauses, as referenced by the Owens… Continue Reading

Independent Contracting: Benefits and Risks to Not Being an Employee

independent contractors liability insurance

Many more Americans are choosing to be a part of the gig economy than ever before. As an independent contractor, you are not an employee. There are both benefits and risks for working as an independent. Obtaining independent contractors liability… Continue Reading