Common Telecommunication Installation Injuries and a Reminder About Prevention

Telecommunication installation companies insurance

Cable installers may have received robust safety training before they were allowed to step foot onto a job site. Still, that doesn’t mean that accidents don’t happen. Telecommunication installation companies insurance helps mitigate some of the risks that present themselves in this line of work. The following outlines some of the hazards and reminds employers that they have a responsibility in preventing injuries.


When working indoors, cable installers are at risk of slips, trips, muscle fatigue and other types of accidents. Confined spaces such as basements and crawl areas are hard to navigate and not always thoroughly lit. Handling materials can be complicated on construction sites or when having to use stairs. More common in outdoor environments, some working from heights have fallen and needed weeks or months to recover. Vehicle injuries are frequent as well, so be sure your telecommunication installation companies insurance policy provides comprehensive coverage.


One study showed that the greatest number of accidents occurred among those in the 30-39 age range. It’s interesting to note that so many injuries occurred in a demographic where experienced workers typically enjoy good physical agility. This brings to mind that no one is exempt from getting hurt. Although telecommunication installation companies insurance can help to cover the medical recuperation of injured employees, all supervisors should make prevention a priority.

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