Coverage Is Essential for Pet-Related Injuries

dog liability insurance

Being a pet owner brings great joy to individuals and families, but there are certain responsibilities, including insurance. Some dog owners can find it difficult purchasing a policy for their canines. Many cite the fact that dog liability insurance can be difficult to purchase, especially for owners of certain breeds. A policy for canines, however, comes in handy in the event that an animal inflicts injuries on individuals or other pets.

There are many insurers that will provide coverage, either with a homeowner or renter’s policy or as a standalone policy, because no one that can be found liable for injuries to another person should be exempt from coverage. Dog owners need insurance that will protect them from claims and lawsuits that can easily result from injuries caused by their dogs that deserve compensation.

Statistics conclude the necessity of having pet insurance

There are about 80,000 dog bites annually, many that require medical attention in the US, with more than half of the victims being children. Frighteningly, more than half of the kids bitten are bitten on the face. This can often require surgery and the medical costs and other losses stemming from a bite to the face could cost anywhere from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Such a large judgment could have quite a damaging effect on a homeowner lacking coverage. One could quite literally lose their house in this event, which is why dog liability insurance is important. No one should be at risk of losing their home and possessions because of a failure to purchase a policy that protects their assets.

While there are obvious distinctions among different types of dogs, smaller dogs are quite capable of inflicting serious injuries as well. The size of your dog shouldn’t be a factor as to whether or not you need insurance. Common sense dictates that all dog owners should have some degree of coverage. While determining exactly how much dog liability insurance is necessary for most owners, the bottom line is that these policies offer protection to both, the owners, and any potential victims of their pets.

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