The Design of Your Website Makes A Big Difference

best insurance agency websites

The Internet is all about engaging with others. The interactive aspects of a site make it more alluring to people who surf the net looking for specific information. The best insurance agency websites provide visitors with added value, like information that could be helpful or useful to consumers. That’s one way that you can get the most out of your website.

The layout and design of your site can truly be a breaking point. People can get easily frustrated when they click on a window and it doesn’t provide them with the response they were promised. After a while, they’re likely to close that window and move on to another website. While the website design for most insurance agencies may be similar in many ways, you still need to make an effort to stand out from others.

You’re not only selling insurance, you’re selling yourself

Most insurance policies are similar in what they provide to the insured, so why does someone choose one company over the other? Probably the person who makes contact and then follows through. You are what makes your agency stand out from the competition, how you speak to people, and how you come across can determine whether or not a prospect decides to sign on the dotted line.

Making sure that your website properly reflects your agency is extremely important. It’s one of the things that helps to build trust and it’s as vital as the products and services you sell. People like to do business with companies they like, so it’s important that your true personality shines through and allows them to get to know you for who you are.

Website visitors are more willing to engage with you when it’s easy for them to obtain online quotes or fill out customer service forms. When they call the agency and are able to contact a representative quickly and easily (or get a call back a.s.a.p.), this makes them feel special and appreciated. Encourage feedback, by all means, so they know that their input is being recognized.

Become a valuable resource

Making it known that you fully understand every aspect of the policies you broker is a big plus. The language can be somewhat confusing to laymen, and they appreciate having things broken down in simpler terms. The best insurance agency websites create interest in what you have to offer and what you can do. The rest is up to you.


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