Why Dog Liability Coverage is Essential for Renters

Why Dog Liability Coverage is Essential for Renters

You have finally found the perfect rental that allows you to have a dog. The moment you signed the lease, you went out to find the perfect canine and paid the required pet deposit. You have bought the essentials: food, collar, tags, bed and all the best toys. However, you have likely missed an important piece of owning a dog while renting. Liability insurance for dogs is essential to any renting pet owner.

Property Destruction

While you may think your new pet is the perfect addition to your household, every dog comes with a particular set of risks. Even the tamest canines have been known to destroy the interior of a home when left by on their own. As a renter, you could be held accountable for a significant amount of damage as result of your pet, but liability insurance for dogs can help you cover this.


Even the sweetest pets can cause injury to humans or other dogs. While this can commonly occur as a result of perceived threat, injuries can also happen during play. More importantly, if a neighbor or fellow tenant is harmed, you may be held accountable for any medical bills resulting from an incident. This is particularly important if you live in an apartment complex where your dog regularly interacts with people in close quarters.

As a renter, there are a number of potential hazards when owning a pet. You want to make sure that you are covered with liability insurance for dogs.


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