Driving Without Insurance Is Not Worth the Risks

NM insurance

Convinced you can’t afford auto insurance? You won’t be able to afford the penalties if you’re caught by law enforcement. Here’s a quick rundown of the consequences of driving without NM insurance for your automobile.

1. You Can’t Register Your Vehicle

Uninsured motorists make up around 21 percent of New Mexico’s driving population. To significantly reduce that number, the state has adopted an Insurance Identification Database system. Without providing proof of coverage to the IIDB, your automobile registration may be delayed or even suspended.

2. You May Pay Fines

If cited for driving without NM insurance, you could face a fee of $300 in addition to the suspension of your vehicle registration. Fail to immediately surrender your license plates and registration, and you’ll pay up to $1,000.

3. You Could Face Jail Time

Depending on how your day in court goes, you may end up with imprisonment instead of a fine. You could be jailed for up to 90 days, or up to six months for failure to return your plates and registration upon suspension.

4. You Can’t Drive

Besides all these penalties, your driving privileges may be revoked if you fail to keep insurance on your vehicle.

In the end, it’s more sensible to find a way to work this essential into your budget than to take risks. Your agent can guide you to an affordable, feasible NM insurance solution to keep you and your vehicle covered.

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