Effective Training to Minimize Driving Liability

hired non owned auto

If your company owns vehicles that are driven by outside staff, you know there are a number of liabilities that can come with this. Entrusting hired non owned auto fleets to personnel other than your own staff presents a difficult situation if any collisions or other incidents occur. There are a number of ways to mitigate this risk, the most reliable being an insurance policy.

Train Drivers for Improved Safety

Retaining comprehensive coverage can protect against damages incurred that you are not at fault for but still may be held liable for. Developing a training program for all people authorized to operate vehicles is also a great way to prevent accidents. Some of the hallmarks of good training include:

  • Cover basic safety techniques
  • Educate drivers on responsibilities
  • Ensure consistent guidance is given

There are a number of other principles that can be incorporated into training as needed and used to reduce the likelihood of accidents.

Promote Safety and Responsibility

The greatest risk in hired non owned auto drivers is the possibility that they may not be careful. To combat this, promote a culture of safety and responsibility among all staff and personnel you work with. A simple reminder can go a long way in encouraging somebody to be careful while driving.

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