Engineer Your Own Professional Liability Insurance

Indiana professional liability insurance for engineers

As an engineer, you understand the importance of a thorough and customized plan for your clients. Each customer’s needs are different and require personalized service to meet them. The same goes for your engineering firm and insurance. General liability policies are exactly that – general – and they do not cover all the risks unique to your industry. That is why you need custom Indiana professional liability insurance for engineers.

This type of coverage protects you against financial exposure and damage to your reputation from lawsuits concerning negligence, errors and omissions, and other performance failures. The high level of detail and abundance of contracts in your occupation raise the chances of an unhappy client, so even if you are an honest and reliable engineering company, the odds of making mistakes still exist enough to warrant obtaining this additional policy.

The type of service you provide will determine how you can personalize your Indiana professional liability insurance for engineers. You may need coverage for accidental pollution, incidents from independent contractors, and challenges unique to a project. You may choose to have coverage higher in some areas than others based on the risk levels your business faces. Your insurer may even offer a risk assessment and loss prevention programs to further protect your assets.

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