Five Items You Need Covered in Your Construction Business

Construction insurance in Wayne, NJ is critical to protecting your business. You might think when you buy your insurance that everything is covered, but make sure to check out the details of your insurance. The following five things are vital to protect your business.

  1. Cover Your Business Office – Your business office is where you organize your workload and document your jobs. Make sure that your building and property are covered. If you host clients and employees at your office, consider having liability insurance that helps you pay for injuries on site.
  2. Cover Your Employees – Injury to your workers can result in workers compensation that can be costly. Make sure that you protect your employees and your business in the case of injury.
  3. Cover Your Equipment Off Site – Your tools and vehicles will be on the go everyday getting the work done. Make sure that they are covered in case of breakdown, theft or damage.
  4. Cover Your Business in Case of Work Stoppage – Unforeseen circumstances can cause temporary work interruptions. You can get insurance that can cover you costs during the downtime so that you can get right back into the swing of things.
  5. Cover Your Construction Sites – Accidents can happen at your work sites. Obtain coverage that will help you meet expenses associated with damage you cause while working.

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