Full Coverage for Full Protection

NSO Liability Insurance

Allied health professionals can find themselves at a higher risk of litigation than many other professionals, due to their constant contact with a variety of members of the general public. Seeing such a revolving door of patients puts doctors and nurses in a position in which they can find themselves on the receiving end of blame and accusations when treatments don’t go as smoothly as planned.

How to Protect Yourself Against False Accusations

Many nurses turn to NSO liability insurance to protect themselves against the false accusations that can arise when a patient does not heal as quickly or effectively as they or their families believe they should. Outpatients who forget to follow through with their prescribed treatment regiment will sometimes point the finger at their provider out of frustration or misunderstanding. It may not be a fair situation, but it is one that nurses and doctors alike should be prepared for.

Make the Right Choice

When you choose an NSO liability insurance plan, you are choosing to protect yourself, your coworkers and your healthcare facility from false accusations and unplanned legal issues. This will not only shield you from unwanted litigation’s but will also protect you from missing valuable work time for court proceedings and interrupting the quality care your business provides.

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