Get Help With Negligent Acts in the Administration of Employee Benefit Plans

Sometimes things go wrong in the administration of employee benefit plans. When this happens, insurance coverage for the negligent acts of the employer for the employee liability of benefits can be an important asset.

Steps to Follow

Once the problem has been discovered, an occurrence form must be filled out completely as soon as possible. Contact your insurance agent immediately, so that he can review your current policy with you. Together, you can go over the deductibles and limits that have been set up, so you know where you stand.

Check Company Policies

One important item you will need to submit is a copy of the employee handbook or manual so current policies can be studied and deciphered.

Peace of mind comes from knowing that your insurance agency is there to guide you through the legal maneuvers that are necessary to get problems with employee liability resolved. If this coverage is not already in your insurance package, you may want to contact your agent to include it; or if it is, make sure it is up to date with the most readily available coverage that will be of great benefit to your company if liability problems ever arise.

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