Getting the Right Convenient Store Coverage

convenient stores insurance

Convenient stores are a staple of any neighborhood or road trip. Like any business, they can be subject to a number of different incidents on and off the property that may require you to cover repairs and potential lawsuits. Obtaining adequate convenient stores insurance will keep your store up and running.

Protecting Your Store 24 Hours a Day

Along with the standard general liability and liquor liability that comes in many other business insurance packages, convenient stores require a number of unique policies. These come together to protect your business from all angles and from sunup to sundown.

Product Liability – Many convenient stores sell a variety of articles of food, first-aid and electronic items. Product liability protects you in case any of the items in your store cause some sort of damage or illness to clients.

Spoilage/ Contamination Coverage – During unforeseen weather events or shutdowns, your stock may spoil. Getting your money back during these events is possible with the right insurance.

Fuel Tank Contamination – Ground water or surface water may accidentally leak into your gas supply. This can cause damage to the vehicle that fill up on your property. Ease pricey lawsuit expenses with fuel tank contamination coverage.

Convenient stores insurance can also protect your commercial vehicles as well as your pumps and canopy. Your employees and clients can shop and work comfortably when you protect you store with the best insurance.

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