How to Use a Barnacle Scraper

Barnacle Scraper

Of all the tools you have to protect your boat, none may be as important as a good barnacle scraper. Used regularly, this inexpensive little item can help keep pesky crustaceans from building up and damaging the finish. The experts at point out that the damage is usually covered by boat insurance, but why not just prevent it in the first place?

Types of Barnacle Scrapers

Metal barnacle scrapers are best suited for cleaning pilings and docks that can withstand the application of force. Metal scrapers might also be suitable for propellers and other unfinished areas. Your boat’s hull is more delicate, however, so you should use only a plastic scraper on the exterior.

How to Use a Barnacle Scraper

Place the edge of the scraper under the barnacle as though it were a pancake you are trying to flip. Once you have removed it, gently scrape away the residue it has left behind. If you can get into the habit of doing this little bit of maintenance each time you dry dock, you will avoid having a large infestation that requires more drastic measures.

Next time you are packing for a voyage, don’t forget your trusty barnacle scraper. A little preventive maintenance can go a long way toward protecting your investment and keeping your insurance premiums low.

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