How to Write a Clear and Valuable HOA Mission Statement


A homeowner’s association is one of the best ways to make your neighborhood stand out and keep residents happy and safe. However, before you can implement your HOA and find the right people to supervise and oversee the association, you need to create a clear HOA mission statement.

Establish Your Vision and Values

Before you can start creating a statement that speaks to the values of your community, you need to understand what your long-term goals for the neighborhood are. This means establishing a clear vision of where you want the neighborhood to go as it grows.

Think about what you want the neighborhood to be. Do you plan to make it accessible and safe to families or are you wanting to create a safe-haven for retirement-aged individuals? Use that long-term vision to help guide and form the values for your HOA.

Look at Examples

The best way to figure out what to include in your statement is to look at HOA mission statements for other neighborhoods in your area. Make a note of the things they include and the formats they use to convey their goals and ideals. Use these as inspiration, but remember that the mission statement isn’t a statement of covenants or rules. Those you can come up with after you understand the main purpose of your HOA.

Keep these things in mind when you’re creating HOA mission statements for your neighborhood and you’ll be on the right track.

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