Ice and Snow on Roads Create Additional Hazards

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Extreme weather appears to be on the rise, with this winter season getting its first severe snowstorm in early January. The treacherous road conditions, coupled with the difficulty in removing large amounts of snow from streets and highways may lead to road and bridge closures. Traveling in this weather may be necessary for many residents, but you must consider the dangers. Drivers need to take extra precautions when traveling on slick, icy roads.

Driving too fast for current conditions is just a part of the chain of events that can lead to a loss of control of your vehicle. There is truly a greater risk of having a car accident when driving in hazardous winter conditions and auto insurance agents may have their hands full, being bombarded with an abundance of claims being filed by residents carrying CT auto insurance policies.

Driving too fast for conditions on ice or snow

Sometimes it’s because of a driver’s lack of awareness of the dangers ahead, such as is often the case with bridge icing (the invisible icing from freezing rain and the subtle icing from light snow). Sometimes the driver, misinformed about the capabilities of their vehicle, simply drives faster than conditions warrant. It’s also true that there are a few drivers that are careless or even reckless.

Even when people do drive responsibly they may be caught off guard by slick roads and end up losing control and crashing. Remember, there is a difference between snow packed roads during big storms and icy streets. A true road hazard is the subtle and intermittent icing due to light winter precipitation. It is these conditions that cause the biggest percentage of injuries and deaths.

The most likely way to have any impact on reducing accidents is to find the root causes of why so many drivers are going too fast when they crash on icy roads and change these habits for the better. By equipping people with knowledge about any hazardous conditions, in concert with issuing warnings when they are present, we might see a reduction in accident rates. Despite the weather, always carry CT auto insurance because accidents can happen under any conditions.

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