The Importance of Content Marketing for Insurance Agents

agent insurance marketing

The power of content marketing can’t be ignored. It comes in a variety of types and forms. The point is to attract, educate and convert prospects. It should be incorporated into any agent insurance marketing plan.


The idea behind this style of marketing is to provide something of value and interest to your target market. Developing different buyer personas helps. That way you can create content for specific audiences. You might write a risk management article targeted at commercial audiences. Mix up your content depending on the audience, where it is being published and the goal.


It is important to share content that actually provides value and entertainment. If you constantly bombard your current and potential customers with advertisements or weak or off-topic content, you will quickly lose their attention.

You can choose to create a content marketing calendar on your own or hire an agent insurance marketing consultant. You can hire individuals and companies to help create a marketing plan as well as create relevant content.

Make sure to publish content to different platforms. Content for your website, social media and email might all look a little different. This is due to the location as well as the audience that will be consuming the content on that platform. Take the time to know your customers, so you can provide the most value to them.

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