How Insurance Helps You Avoid Liability Losses

tavern insurance

Your neighborhood tavern is more than just a bar – it is a place for the community to come together and find an escape. In order to provide the best possible service to your community, you need to hold a solid tavern insurance plan that protects you and your business.

Accidents Happen

When accidents, such as slips, falls and cuts, occur in your tavern, your general liability coverage protects you against patron claims. However, your liquor liability covers you when accidents are the result of patron intoxication.

Fights Break Out

When injuries result from patron disputes, your assault and battery coverage protects you from the liability associated with the dispute. Also, if your employee injures a patron as a result of self-defense or while trying to assist the patron, assault and battery insurance protects you and your employee if the patron attempts to sue.

Food Gets Contaminated

When your patrons become ill after consuming your food or beverages, your product liability insurance provides coverage for subsequent claims. This may include:

  • Contamination
  • Spoilage
  • Mold or bacteria formation

Whether contamination or spoilage occur at your tavern or you receive contaminated or spoiled products from your supplier, your patrons will hold you responsible and your product liability insurance can cover incurred costs.

Overall, tavern insurance is a necessary part of running your business and helps protect you from financial losses. Be sure to invest in a comprehensive program that covers all potential claims.

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