Keep Your Goods High and Dry With Cargo Marine Insurance

Keep Your Goods High and Dry With Cargo Marine Insurance

If you hope to expand your business to include imported and exported products, you must consider a cargo marine insurance policy to protect your valuable goods against the types of loss unique to international shipping along waterways. In addition to the threats of fire, jettison and loss most paths face, items shipped across seas and oceans are susceptible to many handlers en route. Some goods may be damaged along the chain of command even when the very best care methods are observed. Additionally, piracy/theft potential rises along marine trade routes.

Protection for the Entire Journey

A fear of such damage should not hinder your desire to expand your business, though. Insurance policies can be written to include every aspect of your goods’ journeys, and this means that your investment will be protected every step of the way. In fact, fewer regulations exist for cargo marine insurance policies. For agents and customers, this means a great deal of freedom for writing policies and including various coverage types. In order to ensure that your investment is optimally insured, you will want to engage an insurance company that specializes in writing these unique types of contracts.


Your cargo marine insurance coverage can be customized to meet every need you can imagine. In addition to the more basic sorts of losses covered, such as fire and jettison, your policy may also be detailed for protection during warehousing, inter-warehouse transport and on-deck handling damages. With so many protections for your precious cargo, your company can expect to rise above dangerous waters.

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