Liability Concerns and Nursing Homes Insurance Cost

nursing homes insurance cost

There is an abundance of liability issues for owners of nursing home facilities and providing improper care to residents is an area of concern. When it comes down to it, there is an ethical duty and responsibility to ensure that everyone receives proper treatment based on his or her needs. Not doing so will often result in higher nursing homes insurance cost.


As most caregivers understand, any instances of negligence will only make a bad condition even worse, and it is very difficult to treat the person once the condition worsens. Staff should be aware of anyone requiring special attention, since it is in the best interest of the patients that early detection should be a priority. It’s an obvious concern for family members who don’t ever want to see a loved one suffer because of an inattentive caregiver.


These types of situations are likely to lead to a lawsuit, which can end up costing time, money, and valuable reputations, which is why liability insurance for nursing homes is of the utmost importance.

Why bedsores form and the pain they cause


When a patient becomes totally immobile, even for as little as 12 hours, it may cause bedsores to begin to form on certain areas of the body. Bedsores, or pressure ulcers, form where a person has the least padding of muscle and fat, particularly in the area over a bone. Bedsores on the tailbone (coccyx), shoulder blades, hips, and elbows are the most commonly experienced.


Circulation can be impeded when blood flow slows or stops in the compressed area between bone and the surface of a bed or wheelchair. Whenever body tissue is deprived of oxygen and nutrients, the skin can die in a short amount of time, although the condition may not become obvious for several days or even weeks.


One of the most common problems for many nursing homes is pressure ulcers, and specifically, staff not taking the proper measures to prevent this from occurring. Even when proper attention has been given, it may be difficult to prove all of the proper measures had been performed. Proper preventative measures can be documented in order to avoid any liability risks. In any case, liability insurance for nursing homes will cover an assortment of risks and exposures associated with caregiving. Speak with an agent to find out which coverage will best suit your needs as well as how to keep nursing homes insurance cost at a minimum.


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