Maximizing Your Potential for Insurance Sales

websites for insurance agents

Most agencies would rate their current website in terms of return on investment, and whether they get a lot of responses to their Call To Action. It’s important that websites for insurance agents be well designed, free from a lot of unnecessary clutter and easy to navigate. You should study the competition and look for little ways in which to model your own site.

The purpose behind a website is to make sure that it represents your agency and will attract the right types of visitors. A quick way to lose traffic to your site is making it too difficult to navigate. Bad navigation, graphics that don’t load, broken links and missing or incorrect information; these are just a few of the things that turn away potential customers.

It’s important to grab their attention

Consumers have so many choices when it comes to buying insurance policies online. If your site doesn’t immediately grab their interest or fails to provide the proper information then you’ll need to find a quick solution to this problem. Insurance websites are supposed to be designed to attract visitors, not deter them. Your site should be easy to navigate with the information clear and precise – for example, never crowd your pages with too many graphics as it makes things much more difficult to read.

We’ve written about the technical benefits of search engine optimization (SEO), like increased traffic and better search engine rankings, as well as how creating interesting blogs helps to demonstrate your knowledge of insurance and overall expertise in this field, but your website must also show that you really care about your customers.

In designing websites for insurance agents it’s vital that the site invites communication. Your visitors may respond by offering helpful insights and you can then use their feedback to improve both your website and your agency.

Encouraging feedback builds trust with consumers because it illustrates to them that you’re open to two-way communication which makes your agency seem even more genuine, and you can further your cause by providing all-around great customer service as this also shows how important your customers are to you.


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