mid-size law firm malpractice insurance

Myths About Legal Malpractice Insurance

At times, the attorney and client relationship can be difficult. Even if you do everything by the book and your firm makes every effort to help a client, problems still spring up. This is why client lawsuits against law firms are common. In order to make the best decision for your firm, uncover the top myths about midsize law firm malpractice insurance.

Not All Attorneys Need Malpractice Insurance

Lawyers sometimes ask what kinds of attorneys need malpractice insurance. There is a common misconception that some practices may not need it. The truth is that if you work with clients, you need it. While those who work with their clients finances are more likely to suffer a lawsuit, you don’t want to be unprotected.

Smaller Firms Do Not Need Insurance

Again, there are always misconceptions about who needs insurance and who doesn’t. Size does not matter when it comes to your law firm. Even if you were a small, solo practice that dealt with few clients, the risk is there.

The attorney and client relationship is unpredictable at times. If your client makes allegations against you, you have to be able to fight it. The best way to fight allegations and to feel prepared is by having the right mid size law firm malpractice insurance.

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