What You Need To Know About Wholesale Insurance for Community Associations

wholesale association insurance

Wholesale insurance is a great option for small businesses and associations. While insurance is a huge industry with large agencies often operating regional monopolies and charging high premiums, wholesale brokers cater to specialized needs of smaller groups. This can be particularly useful for community groups such as co-ops and timeshares. When looking for wholesale association insurance to protect your organization, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Wholesale insurance brokers are successful because they specialize in particular types of policies. Depending on whether you are a homeowners’ association or a neighborhood watch committee will affect what kind of policy you purchase. Make sure that the wholesale broker you choose offers appropriate insurance for needs.


Such specialization also means that coverage plans can be designed for more uncommon but potentially detrimental risks. The premiums and coverage limits for these policies, moreover, can often be negotiated according to the experience and recommendations of each involved party. That is to say, these are typically not one-size-fits-all policies, but can be tailored for each association.

Individual Protection

Remember that wholesale association insurance is not simply blanket coverage for the organization as a unit. It is usually comprised of a set of individual policies to cover the members and leaders of the association, in much the same way that a business offers individual insurance plans to its workers. This means that everyone is protected by coverage specific to the needs of the organization.

Community association insurance plans are the best way to protect your organization against specific risks and potential crime.

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