Why You Need Medical Malpractice Insurance

Austin Malpractice Insurance

All medical business owners need insurance to protect their assets against internal and external legal claims. Employees and contract workers may also need their own insurance on top of what their employers provide. Here are a few reasons why all medical professionals should consider Austin malpractice insurance.


If you own a private practice, you definitely need an insurance policy to cover you and your business. Insurance protects you from financial losses when patients file malpractice claims such as misdiagnosis, wrong medication and anesthesia mistakes.


If you work in a hospital or clinic, your employer has insurance to protect the business from financial loss. However, your personal losses may not be covered under your employer’s plan. You might consider carrying your own personal insurance policy, especially if you work in a high-risk specialty area.


If you work for a hospital or clinic on a contract basis, you may or may not be covered under your employer’s insurance policy. Review your contract thoroughly and contact your employer’s human resources department with questions. Contractors must often provide their own personal insurance while working on a temporary basis.

No medical professional wants to deal with legal claims and fees. Call your Austin malpractice insurance provider to discuss plans that are tailored to your occupation.

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