What Is Not Included in Regular Home Insurance

Connecticut home insurance

You may feel satisfied with your current home insurance package, and feel that you have sufficient coverage for a low price. What you may not realize is that many commonly occurring mishaps are not covered under regular Connecticut home insurance policies. You may know someone who has lost a substantial amount in a fire or another natural disaster. Unfortunately, damage caused by these disasters are not covered by typical home insurance. The following problems require additional coverage:

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Wind damage
  • Earth Movement

Natural Disasters and Your Home

The number of natural disasters such as floods has increased in the past few years. In addition to the tragedy of the loss of life concerning these events is the fact that many homeowners have truly lost everything. A flood happens unexpectedly, and the damage caused by excessive winds and earth movement, such as hurricanes, can also wreck a home. The problem can be compounded if the disaster involves several types of damage at once, such as a water damage and breakage of objects due to shaking.

Insurance for Natural Disasters

Natural disasters or acts of God as they are referred to in the insurance industry require separate policies for coverage. You can find individual types of insurance in addition to Connecticut home insurance or you can opt for comprehensive coverage of several types of natural disasters.

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