Nursing Home Workers Compensation Coverage

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Nursing home workers compensation insurance is mandatory, but more importantly, it will provide the financial and medical support to those injured workers who will need help during their recuperation and subsequent return to work. People employed as attendants in nursing homes face the risk of injury due to the often-strenuous duties and tasks they are asked to perform on a daily basis. Their injuries can be the result of any of several activities required of them in order to provide services to the residents in these facilities.

There are some common injuries associated with this line of work. Safety measures can help reduce the number of routine injuries and managers and staff need to ensure that workers are aware of the possibility of an injury occurring and take all preventative measures to reduce the likelihood of someone becoming injured on the job.

Types of injuries common to nursing home staff

Musculoskeletal injuries rank high on the list of common injuries. They are often the result of slips and falls that can result in broken bones, sprained ankles, torn muscles, or simply bruised tendons. Nurses and other caregivers are sometimes assigned the task of carrying residents and are known to suffer lower back injuries as a result. Other common ailments include herniated discs, overextension of muscles, as well as the additional risk of back issues and other musculoskeletal problems.

Exposure to pathogens and other infectious agents

Needles can transmit all types of serious infections. The American Nursing Association estimates that nearly two out of three nurses report getting stuck with needles at work. The concern here is the possibility that a syringe may contain viruses, bacteria, or other pathogens. Any one of these could put a nurse or attendant at risk for serious illness. Nurses must also often handle biological waste, or work with dangerous medicines and chemicals and solvents.

Depression, anxiety, and other psychological issues

Due to the hectic conditions that exist at many assisted living facilities and hospitals, some workers may develop emotional problems. This is often due to the long hours, or perhaps poor eating habits, both of which can produce any number of psychological ailments, including anxiety, depression, eating disorders, even problems sleeping.

A staff that is healthy, happy and ready to work best serves your clients needs. And this means both physically and mentally. They also need the valuable protection of nursing home workers compensation to aid them when any serious problems develop.

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