Options and Considerations

pleasure boat insurance program

When you are looking for a pleasure boat insurance program to meet your needs, you have options for additional coverage beyond damage and liability. Here are some additional coverages to consider.


Your insurance can be written to include the personal property that is used on the boat. It will also cover the property when it is being transferred to and from the boat. This provision pertains to items such as fishing rods and tackle as well as any supplies or electronics used on the boat.


If another boater causes an accident and is either uninsured or underinsured, this coverage will cover the damage to your boat. It will also provide medical coverage for you and your passengers in the case of injury.


In the event that an accident or a mistake causes fuel or debris to pollute the water, the cost to clean it up could be a huge financial burden. Environmental coverage will pay for fuel and other waste to be cleaned up.


It is important to know that a homeowners’ policy most likely will not cover personal watercraft. Make sure to check for adequate coverage so you do not receive an unfortunate surprise.

When you are contemplating a pleasure boat insurance program, it is important to learn about where their coverage extends. Sometimes policies limit the areas that your boat can be covered in.


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