Options for Assisted Living Insurance

Insurance programs for assisted living facilities

Assisted living facilities offer care for individuals who need assistance with activities of daily living, but do not need the full nursing care of a skilled facility. Insurance programs for assisted living facilities need to be customizable to fit the particular needs of each facility.

Unique Needs

With the number of types of assisted living concepts increasing, the wide variety of facility types means that there are varying degrees of exposure to risk. The insurance needs of a large chain of memory care facilities is different from a privately owned facility in a small town. Because there are many different types of assisted living facilities, there are several options for insuring your facility.


You can tailor insurance programs for assisted living facilities to meet your needs. Along with general and professional liability, you can craft a policy that includes Medicare billing, auto, and even cyber liability. Your facility insurance policy can also cover your property against damage and crime. As an employer you can be covered with workers’ compensation insurance and employment practices.

With tight budgets and many operating costs, assisted living facilities are looking for coverage that they can scale while still being covered. Consultation with a professional that offers insurance programs for assisted living facilities will help you find an affordable solution.

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