Securing Damage Coverage for Your Vacation Home

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Securing Damage Coverage for Your Vacation Home If you have the good fortune of owning a vacation home, you know the excitement of being able to take a long weekend or summer vacation without the hassle of arranging plans or… Continue Reading

Help Your Tenants Help You

rental property

Owning a rental property can be a great idea until your tenants never pay rent on time. Then suddenly what seemed like a smart investment becomes a liability. It is difficult to pay your own bills if the rent isn’t… Continue Reading

Why Do You Need a Stop Gap Type of Insurance?

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Stop gap insurance is exactly what the name implies. It’s there to stop the gaps in the insurance you already have, in this case, workers compensation insurance. It is not something everyone needs to purchase separately but, if you do,… Continue Reading

Tips for Choosing Insurance for Your Commercial Property

Is your home business ready to take the next step? Are you purchasing a commercial storefront? If so, one of the first thing you’ll need is commercial property insurance in Orlando FL. Remember, though, not all insurance agencies are created… Continue Reading

Two Simple Business Insurance Concepts Explained

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Are you having a hard time understanding what business insurance options cover? While there are many options for business insurance, the underlying concepts are often elementary. Below are the two primary coverage categories that you can expect to come across… Continue Reading

Protect the Balance Sheet of Your Financial Institution with a Bond

financial institution bond

Taking care to deter employee theft and dishonest from within help your financial institution from incurring a loss. However, it does not deter all forms of theft or fraud. A financial institution bond covers the loss for the institution and… Continue Reading

Independent Contracting: Benefits and Risks to Not Being an Employee

independent contractors liability insurance

Many more Americans are choosing to be a part of the gig economy than ever before. As an independent contractor, you are not an employee. There are both benefits and risks for working as an independent. Obtaining independent contractors liability… Continue Reading