Pet Liability Coverage for Homeowners

dog bite homeowner insurance

The majority of dogs kept as pets in the US are fairly docile. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t capable of biting or causing injury, but this generally isn’t their intention. Acts of violence by dogs is usually a defense mechanism triggered when the animal feels threatened, or feels that someone presents a danger to their owner.

Having dog bite homeowner insurance is necessary for those instances where your animal does cause harm to a person or another person’s pet. For owners of certain breeds known for aggressive or assertive behavior, insurance should be adequate enough to pay for the likelihood of expensive medical bills.

Some dogs tend to be influenced by their owner’s temperament, and the size of the dog can also be a determining factor in just how serious a situation can become. Proper training and restraint of animals considered volatile or dangerous should always be exercised.

Behavior modification helps resolve many issues

A majority of dog bites could have been prevented if the owner had taken the time and expense to have the animal properly trained. At an early age puppies develop bonds and sensitivity to those people and animals in their lives. Dogs under the age of one should be exposed to positive interaction with other dogs during this period otherwise they may grow up without the necessary skills to deal with other dogs.

It’s also important for any children living in a household with a dog be allowed to handle the dog frequently, albeit gently, and told to never scold or speak harshly to the animal. Holding a puppy firmly while it squirms to be released can also help to minimize later aggression and/or dominant behavior.

As dogs gets older there often comes a time when most normal dogs will naturally begin to bark at strangers, their attempt to guard the family and its property. This is normal behavior, however, some dogs may begin to show objectionable aggressive behavior. The dog should be made aware that this type of behavior will not be tolerated. Obedience training can help to correct many of these types of issues, but dog bites often result out of fear and uncertainty in the animal. Again, dog bite homeowner insurance is the solution when an unfortunate attack occurs.

Some claims made against homeowner’s insurance policies are often due to dog bites.
You should realize that the animal might not ever be comfortable with people outside of their own without being given the proper exposure. If the socialization process is delayed until the puppy is older, the dog may never be calm around others or never reach the stage where they are socially interactive with people or other dogs.

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