Professional Liability Covers Private School Employees

Private School Professional Liability

Professional liability protects an organization from financial loss when a lawsuit is brought that claims a person working within the organization has caused or failed to prevent damage, injury or a violation of rights. Private school professional liability is also relevant in claims of professional misconduct or incompetence.

Who Needs It?

Private school professional liability is not just for teachers and administrators. It covers all the people at school who may supervise students, including instructors, coaches, tutors and volunteers.

What Does It Cover?

Liability furnishes errors and omissions coverage for negligence that may result in financial damages to an injured or compromised party. Claims may include:

Private School Professional Liability

A suit may also be brought if a party accuses a school of hiring unqualified or inappropriate staff.

Why Is It Necessary?

Like other schools, private schools depend on funding to stay open, whether it comes from the government or from private sources. Even if allegations prove to be false, going to court may be a lengthy and costly proposition. Damages may quickly eat up a schools funds and jeopardize its ability to stay open. Professional liability covers the legal fees and allows the school to continue its mission of providing quality education for its students.


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