Protect Your Business with Liability Insurance

Protect Your Business with Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is a necessity for businesses of all sizes. Manufacturing companies in particular require a more specialized type of insurance that is catered to their specific needs. Manufacturer liability insurance provides business owners with the peace of mind that their operations are covered both during day-to-day procedures and when unforeseen circumstances arise.

Types of Coverage

Manufacturer liability insurance provides coverage for all aspects of production. The primary categories of coverage are as follows:

  • Business Owner’s Policy
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Vehicular Insurance

A business owner’s policy includes general liability and loss of income coverage, among other protections. This is a fairly broad policy that will provide a safety net for many common but perhaps unexpected circumstances. A workers’ compensation plan is required for the medical costs associated with on-site accidents, and to assist in covering employee wages that may have been lost due to injury. Most manufacturing businesses also require vehicle insurance for delivery trucks, vans and any company owned cars.

Stay Covered and Feel Safe

Manufacturer liability insurance is an integral aspect of the safety and productivity of your company. Businesses of all sizes need protection from property and building damage, on-the-job accidents and unanticipated lawsuits. Make sure your business always stays covered to ensure higher productivity and success.

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