Protect Yourself Against a Malpractice Suit

Protect Yourself Against a Malpractice Suit

Protecting yourself against a malpractice suit is an unfortunately necessary precaution that all attorneys should take. Regardless of how rigidly you uphold the standard of the bar, angry clients may still seek to hold you responsible for their loss. Being able to keep this type of belligerence at bay is a key component to your practice. Austin legal malpractice insurance is designed to protect you in case your client chooses to blame you directly for the loss of a case.

Preventive Measures

Austin legal malpractice insurance will go to bat for you when you need it the most. Although it is true that there are many options, most malpractice insurance packages often include the following highlights to keep you protected and your firm stable:

  • Coverage of defense costs outside of the limits of liability
  • Coverage for a firm’s former attorneys
  • Aggregate and reduced deductibles.

The Ability to Keep Working

As an attorney, you know all too well how disruptive a lawsuit can be to both your professional and personal life. Make sure you and your firm are protected from these unnecessary interruptions. Legal malpractice insurance will help enable your business to carry on through conflict and will fight to keep your name and reputation from being damaged.

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