Protect Your Career as a Real Estate Agent

real estate professional liability insurance

A real estate agent is anyone who sells or rents out buildings or land to others. In this process, there is risk that one little word could be wrong and change the entire meaning of a contract or document. To protect yourself as someone who is trying to put people into the home or area that they want to be, get real estate professional liability insurance.


The insurance plan can first protect you against negligence. The increasing number of lawsuits makes it more likely that you will be accused of negligence over the course of your career. Let your insurance provider take care of these expenses for you.


Mistakes happen. Do not be caught off guard when an error occurs during a sale. If you have real estate professional liability insurance, your provider will protect you from the repercussions of a claim or accusation.


Maybe something was left out of a contract. With so many things that must be mentioned, it is possible that something will be forgotten. Your insurance can cover you when a client finds an omission in the purchasing or renting agreement.

Your real estate professional liability insurance company can protect you against negligence, errors, or omissions. You benefit from a quick response to any claim that is filed, as well as customized protection from your insurance provider.

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