Protecting Your Decision Makers with Executive Liability Coverage

D&O (and) EPL

Your company’s executive liability insurance package is likely to contain several different types of coverage that are specifically suited to match your company’s needs. Two such policies are D&O and EPL insurance. Each covers different types of claims that may be made against the management of your company.

A directors and officers liability policy can protect individuals in management from claims made against them concerning alleged wrongdoing. While it is less typical to do so, some policies may cover employees other than management. If an individual is accused of abusing trade secrets or failing to fulfill a fiduciary duty, D&O coverage may come in handy. Complaints of unfair competition practices or fraud against a particular person at the company may also be covered.

Employment practices liability covers both individuals and the company when internal complaints from employees are made about the way business is conducted. Discrimination allegations fall under this policy. If a past, current or prospective employee reports any type of bullying or harassment, the EPL policy may cover the claim. Accusations of unfair dismissal also fall under this policy.

Management at your company can be vulnerable to lawsuits if someone believes they were treated unfairly. When this happens, you need to have solid D&O and EPL policies in place to ensure that the costs of these accusations don’t affect management’s personal assets or the company’s bottom line.

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