Reasons an Attorney Needs Legal Malpractice Insurance

Austin legal malpractice insurance

You may be very confident in your skills as an attorney and never think you could be sued by a past client. However, many competent attorneys find themselves in the courtroom as the defendant every day. It really can happen to anyone, which is why you need to have Austin legal malpractice insurance.

What Is It?

Legal malpractice insurance protects you when you are sued by a client for malpractice. It works like any other type of insurance in that it covers associated costs. These costs usually include damages and defense expenses.

Why Is It Needed?

You may not be convinced that you need insurance, but the American Bar Association is on the side of getting it. Almost any little blunder or misstep can be turned into a lawsuit by a former client. Clients may sue due to many reasons, such as conflict of interest or feeling as if they didn’t receive adequate counsel. There are also the frivolous lawsuits where the client won’t likely win, but you are still going to be on the hook for defense costs.

Think of Austin legal malpractice insurance like you would any other insurance you carry. You hope you never need to use it, but you are very grateful that you have it when it is needed. You might never get into an auto accident, but you still carry insurance. The same is true with malpractice insurance. You may never be sued, but if you are, you will be very happy you are insured.


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