Securing Damage Coverage for Your Vacation Home

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Securing Damage Coverage for Your Vacation Home

If you have the good fortune of owning a vacation home, you know the excitement of being able to take a long weekend or summer vacation without the hassle of arranging plans or finances. With so many good things to look forward to, you don’t need the stress of worrying about what may happen to your home once you leave. Sometimes called your getaway insurance plan, the type of policy you choose to put on your vacation home is the key to a well-protected investment.

Factors for Damage 

Just as your permanent residence faces liabilities, your vacation home is susceptible to these and more. Because your home will likely be empty for long periods of time, it increases your liability risks. Some of the things your vacation home might be at risk for include:

  • Fire
  • Personal Injury
  • Burglary
  • Vandalism
  • Drain or sewer damage

Design a Complete Package

When you are discussing the coverage you need, the team at Transparity Insurance Services reminds consumers to be sure and inquire about any outbuildings that may be on the property. If you store a boat or some other recreational vehicle at your vacation home, these aren’t generally included in coverage, and you may need to have an endorsement added or a bundled package to cover everything. Also, be sure to have the contents of the home evaluate for potential coverage needs, such as having expensive furniture or irreplaceable art.

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