Why Your Small Business Should Consider General Liability Insurance

Florida liability insurance

Florida liability insurance for a small business is something all company owners should consider. It may protect you against liability to prevent a financial catastrophe.

What is Covered?

This type of insurance offers protection for your business and those who you employ to aid in reducing your overall financial responsibility. Costs related to the following may be covered:

  • Property damage to another person’s property associated with your company
  • Bodily injury protection and medical payments associated with these if a person experiences an injury at or associated with your business
  • Advertising errors, such as copyright infringement or claims of false advertising
  • Damage to rented property due to factors, such as lighting, fire or explosion
  • Reputational harm, such as libel, wrongful eviction, malicious prosecution slander or privacy rights violations

Should You Consider Specialty General Liability Insurance?

This type is used for higher hazard liability exposures. It is typically for unique products, premises risks and services. It can be combined with a general liability policy for a higher level of protection. In addition, it helps to offer more protection against associated defense costs and third-party injuries.

The next step is choosing the right policy for Florida liability insurance for your business. Make sure to explore an array of policies to choose the one that best matches your needs.

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