Strategies and Goals for Online Insurance Sales

Agency Insurance Marketing

Consider what you need to do next in your Agency Insurance Marketing plan in order for your agency website to provide you with more opportunities. The first step should be deciding what are the expectations of the site. Is it merely a place to tell consumers about products and services, or is it in place to illustrate why your services are superior to others vying for a similar position in the same marketplace?

Most agencies will agree that they need an online entity, a place in cyberspace to advertise and showcase the firm’s history and capabilities. Most people tell you that the main purpose of an insurance agency website is to be a sales and marketing tool that is used alongside the standard tools available, such as email, telemarketing, webinars and direct mail.

Creating a clear set of goals

You will absolutely need a coherent marketing or sales strategy. This means demonstrating just how you are a trusted advisor with a goal towards better serving customers by representing many different companies which give them added flexibility. Make it also known that your company provides lots of helpful information on the site, like newsletters, and you might consider offering a free policy review. Create a clear set of goals that focus on the actual mission, but also goes above and beyond. When deciding on the goals the website is being designed to achieve, keep the user uppermost in mind.

A well-structured website provides good content

A website should be an essential marketing/sales tool for an insurance agency providing existing customers with helpful information, including account details, claims reporting, coverage summaries and access to online bill payment or benefits management service. It’s all about using the correct methods to help bring people back to a website on a regular basis.

In addition, your Agency Insurance Marketing program must maintain a brand and increase name recognition, target specialty market niches, find prospects and sell products through reliable quote engines, all while building relationships with prospects and customers. You can build and develop these relationships by offering a free client newsletter, start and maintain a blog, have an active social media presence on Facebook and Twitter, and post positive testimonials.

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