The Importance of Staying on Top of Google

SEO for Insurance

Even if you only know a little bit about search engine optimization, or SEO as it is commonly called, one thing you likely know is that Google dominates when it comes to how websites are ranked. This is both good and bad for SEO for insurance companies. It’s good in that Google’s focus is on quality content; it’s bad in that sometimes you end up at the bottom of results pile.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

To be fair, there really isn’t any bad or ugly if you know what Google wants. As long as your website meets Google’s standards, you stand a good chance of positive rankings in the search results. If you aren’t versed in SEO for insurance companies, your chances for top positioning are minimized. You must know what Google is looking for and build your website around that.

Staying on Top of Google and the Rankings

This is where staying on top of Google algorithm changes becomes a priority. Over the last several years, Google has issued several updates that have taken what once were the key elements for top page ranking and changed them. The results have been devastating to some Web pages. Understand and prepare for Google updates in order to optimize your website with proper SEO for insurance pages.

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