The Ins and Outs of USLH Insurance

USLH Insurance

If you own a business that operates either on or near water, there are many  unusual things to consider. One of these things is the unique requirements for insurance coverage. Most businesses are required to have some sort of insurance for their workers like workers’ compensation, however, businesses near the water need a specific type of coverage for their workers. This coverage is called United States Longshore and Harbor or usl&h insurance.

What is USL&H Insurance?

USL&H insurance is a type of workers’ compensation that is federally mandated and offers more liberal benefits than typical workers’ compensation. It is required for all businesses that operate near or on the waters of the United States.

What is Covered By USL&H Insurance?

USL&H insurance provides tailored coverage that helps protect workers against the unique risks presented by working near or on the water.

The benefits of USL&H insurance are extensive. Some of these include:

  • Workers receive the maximum disability/death benefits or two-thirds of their average weekly wage
  • The three day waiting period is eliminated if the disability lasts more than 14 days
  • A weekly allowance is provided to those undergoing rehabilitation
  • Permanently disabled workers will receive benefits until death

If you own a business that operates on or near the waters of the US, a typical workers’ compensation policy may not be enough for you to be in accordance with US laws. Research the laws for your area to see if your business needs to provide USL&H coverage for your workers.

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